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I started my search for a healthier lifestyle almost 40 years ago when it wasn’t the thing to do. My doctor at the time said, drink more water and exercise more. Well, I did and have been doing so ever since. All along the way, diet fads and exercise fads have come and gone, but the need for a healthy lifestyle continues to be a hot topic even as our rates of illness and disease seem to be getting more and more prevalent. Well, I went through several diets and exercise fads until I finally came across the Paleo diet. It made sense that during the Paleolithic era, our ancestors ate to live rather than lived to eat. Good thing we have modern grocery stores so hunting and gathering is much easier.Jacqueline Thornhill

Today, living in Las Vegas where everything has to be trucked in, I have to be very creative in selecting my food. Fortunately, the grocery store chains have responded with more organic as well as the meat, chicken and fish choices mentioned. We also have Whole Foods and Sprouts Markets who specialize in healthier food selections. The nice side benefit, weight loss, which I will go into more detail in later posts.


The Paleo lifestyle has so resonated with us. Wow, eating lean MEAT is not only right, it is encouraged. And, yes, lean chicken and fish as well. Just make sure that you are choosing grass fed, cage free and wild caught varieties. Spend the extra few dollars for organic. I want to show people that it is okay to eat real food again and in healthy amounts. I want everyone to know that the myths long held are just hat myths and foods that we have been told are so bad for us, really are not and maybe even good for us.


We have educated ourselves on the Paleo lifestyle by connecting with some terrific people in the Paleo community by sharing ideas, downloading recipes and ordering their products. Our goal for this site is to post links to some of our favorite products, recipes. pre-prepared foods and reviews for each. It will be our hope that we can help jump start your Paleo Lifestyle!


One of the biggest challenges I faced with the Paleo Lifestyle was consistency. My goal for this website and blog is to share my story of how I moved through those challenges with flexibility and grace.

I learned to fit Paleo into my life and not fit my life into Paleo. 

I invite you to join me on my journey!

All the best,