Paleo Diet Plan – Lowering The Grains

Paleo Diet Plan-Paleo For the 99%

Different diet plan programs have been surging and making waves in popularity throughout the years. One of which is the Paleo Diet. It is no surprise that various sites and cookbooks have actually been customizing their recipes in order to accommodate the food groups included in this diet plan. In spite of individuals welcoming the essentials of Paleo Diet, lots of people still struggle to be successful in applying it. One primary issue that they see is the cutting of grains as part of the diet. Do you know that you can become addicted to carbohydrates? Bread for example is very hard for some to give up. In the South, serving bread with every meal is just the way it is. How do you give that up and still have a friendly meal with your family?

What Did The Caveman Really Have to Eat?Paleo Diet Plan

Our ancestors during the Paleolithic period didn’t farm for grains. We know the people of this era were primarily hunters and gatherers. As a matter of reality, they didn’t have the technology to grow their own food, which is why most of the  food products in the Paleo Diet are veggies, nuts and fruits. Rice and wheat came much later, although there has been some evidence that a there may have been some milling of grains. If we had been accustomed to eat without grains back then, we ‘d have no problem changing to the Paleo diet plan right? Or, have our bodies changed overtime as the industrial and economic climates have changed and we humans have just naturally adapted?

Grains Are Eaten the World Over

Grains have been considered as the favorite part of any meal. So, if you desire to attempt the Paleo Diet, or Paleo Lifestyle as I like to refer to it, here are some things you can do in order to cut your grain intake.
One thing you can do is to try and imitate different Paleo recipes. There are countless items that you can buy and even research online. The basics are either coconut or almond flour and milks, no cow dairy products. You can likewise get a Paleo cookbook or possibly attempt exactly what the other Paleo fans are doing. No need to reinvent wheels, there are many wonderful Paleo Cookbooks out there. Click on this link now from Paleohacks! This cookbook is free, just cover the shipping! It’s important that you get a variety of dishes so you will not get bored with simply one meal. Believe it or not, it is possible that a person can value and love the meal even with the absence of grains. Make sure you also prepare ample so that any leftovers will be saved as a fast snack or as appetizers for your next meal.

Easy Paleo Breakfast Ideas

I know when I started I jumped for joy to be able to eat Bacon and Eggs for breakfast.  Yeah ok after a few month, I wanted my biscuits and waffles again. Well, here is a Paleo Breakfast Cookbook that will have you jumping for joy over some easy paleo breakfast ideas.Paleo Friendly Muffins

Another thing you can do is to get rid of the grains altogether. Keep your kitchen and your fridge free from non-Paleo food items and fill it up with the food groups recommended in the diet plan, see the list above.

Cutting down the grains will certainly take time and discipline. Maintaining the Paleo diet plan still takes time and orientation.

What About Us 99%ers

Well yes, that would be most of us. I always say we can and should practice flexibility. Why, because when we run into challenges with the Paleo Lifestyle, we tend to beat ourselves up for being a “failure.” It does not matter what diet plan we decide to pursue, if slip up, we fail, therefore, what the heck, I will just give it up. Let me ask you, does that make you feel any better? or worse? Whatever the answer is, if you build in flexibility, you can have days where you can plan to have a little something something, then you know in advance you will be eating a little off and its OK. The next day you are back on the plan and on your way. That is how I live my life. I fit Paleo into my life not fit my life into Paleo.

Now, I have had some of the veggies out there and the true blue Cave Paleos who have chided me on social sites here and there. I say, I applaud the discipline you all have. Everyone has the right to do what works for them. The reality is, most of us, the 99%ers need to have flexibility in many areas of our lives. Otherwise, for me anyway, I would feel that each day might be to much like the other. Many people don’t function well when they feel deprived, which is why a little flexibility (yes, I like that word a lot,) can be helpful in achieving a successful outcome.

In The End

It is always about you as an individual. My goal with my blog posts is to give you general guidelines as to the Paleo Lifestyle and let you decide if it will work for you. It works for me and I want to share my journey with you my readers.

As always, please feel free to leave any comments or questions below and I will respond ASAP.

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