Paleo Food List – It is Really Easy to Follow

Eating Like the Caveman; How Hard Can That Be?

Paleo Food List: Why Are There So Many Lists?

That is a really good question. I have seen so many in so many formats and images. With a few exceptions, they mostly list the same foods. After all, what did the Caveman have to eat? They hunted the animals and the gathered nuts, seeds and whatever was growing wild.

I have posted a written list and I have posted a graphic with the list of foods in other blog posts. What I will post is a very helpful list of what to buy from a specific store, Trader Joe’s. Now Trader Joe’s is not a fully Paleo friendly store, but their overall selection of foods are quality. They have fresh fruits and vegetables, (Paleo friendly for the most part), and wild caught fish along with grass fed meat and free-range chicken. They have organic coffee and coconut creamer along with grass-fed butter and ghee.

So, What the List?Trader Joe's Shopping List

After a while, your list will be in your head. The creative part will come when you want to get out of the list box and start cooking and baking. OK, I don’t think the caveman had a stove or an oven. No, but they eventually had fire. Paleo is not a raw movement, we have seen those in the past, yuck. It is not liquid either, seen those too. What I like the most about Paleo that it is “Real Food for Real People”. Although some will label it a fad, if it is a fad, it is a millions of years old fad. So. do we need a Paleo Food List? Yes, and No. Some of us just like lists. We have lists for everything and we love to check them off. Some of us, me for example, keep it all in our heads.

Actually, a grocery store list is a good thing so you can keep focused and buy the right things and not deviate into, well you know. Oh, and no shopping while hungry or rushed or in a bad mood. You have heard all this before and there is something to this. When you are beginning to make changes in your life you want to associate good feelings and emotions to the changes and not negativity. So a planned list and checking it off makes sense along with planning the best time to shop, Because you will be reading labels and that will be as important if not more important than the list itself, take time and learn how to do it well.

I Have to Read Labels and a List?

You should get into the habit of reading labels, yes. This is one of the few times that I might, emphasis on might, agree with the government in requiring something. Food manufactures are notorious for sneaking in things that our bodies may not tolerate so well. Hence, the reason Paleo preaches, as do I, organic, grass-fed, wild caught, cage free etc. Sometimes sugar and other bad stuff can be sneaked in.

Why Trader Joe’s?

I selected Trader Joe’s list because it is very complete. Most of the other lists are very basic. Nothing wrong with basic, I wanted everyone to know that Paleo is more than meat and veggies. Much more. So this list was much more. After you have decided to embrace a Paleo 99% lifestyle and have learned the basics, your next questions are likely, Is there anything other than Bacon and Eggs for breakfast or steak and veggies for dinner? I would like some variety. This list begins to head you in that direction.

Paleo Food Lists Boring?

Most lists are boring, but Paleo does not have to be. Do some research, check out some of my other blog posts and you will see that it is Real Food and our bodies will love you for it. Good Luck with your journey and as always I welcome your comments and questions below.





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