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Here I go #Paleoforthe99%

OK We Are Doing Great and….

I am working, it is mid-morning, I had my Paleo friendly breakfast, eggs and bacon with my one organic cup of Joe with coconut creamer. Well, that was at 6AM, I worked out and I am hungry and it is only 10AM. What do I do? Reach for another boiled egg? Microwave some more bacon? Make some Paleo friendly muffins, who has the time? Here is the challenge folks. This is where most of us, the 99%er’s will start the cheat day. One will lead to another and so on and so on until you realize you are not following a Paleo Lifestyle much anymore. Happens to the best of us.

So, let’s go back to the morning when it is 10AM and we are hungry. Maybe in our previous way of eating, we reached for a sugary, calorie laden candy bar. Or, maybe we reached for a protein bar and thought we were doing ourselves a healthy favor. Have you read the label on most of the so-called energy/protein bars? They might as well be candy bars. So, is it possible to follow a Paleo Lifestyle and reach for a Paleo friendly Paleo Protein Bar from time to time? Why yes, it is.

In my case specifically, my body does not respond well to low blood sugar, many of you may have similar issues, so having a healthful snack that does not require a full court production is necessary for me. Something I can reach for in my pocket, purse of backpack is not only convenient, but just makes common sense.

Where Are These Amazing and Delicious Bars?

Glad you asked that. They are called Thunderbird Real Food Bars, If you have been reading my blog, you know I love real food. You can order them directly from Amazon. They are made with real ingredients in Austin, Texas for real People. That sums us all up pretty close. Oh and they are also, Non-GMO, certified Paleo, vegan, gluten, dairy, grain, soy free and no added sugar. Oh and they taste great!!!. They come in 15 different flavors I have tasted many so-called Paleo bars and they tasted awful, and/or they were to chewy and bland. I have not tried all the flavors, I am a chocoholic and so I tend to pick flavors in that category.

Here are some flavor profiles:

  • Hazelnut Coffee Maca: Rich hazelnuts blended with actual coffee bean, it’s a perfect breakfast bar or your answer to that afternoon coffee fix.
  • Cashew Fig Carrot: A delectable combination of the traditional fig newton and carrot cake. All the flavor without the sugar crash.
  • Pecans Goji & Pistachios: A little sweet, a little salty. This bar mixes pecans, dates and goji berries (a superfood)
  • Hemp Sunflower Pumpkin Seed: Another bar loaded with a superfood (hemp), plus other nuts and seeds to get you those healthy fats and proteins.
  • Cherry Walnut Cinnamon: Great for cinnamon lovers, this bar also features turmeric, sweet potato and cherries for a delicious bar that’s still healthy
  • Cacao Hemp Walnut: Lovers of mint, rejoice! Made with 100% cacao, mint, coconut, and hemp seeds, you might think you’re eating a brownie.
  • Almond Apricot Vanilla: Not all bars are made of dates! This apricot based treat is a perfect balance between sweet, salty, crunchy and healthy.
  • Pineapple Mango Papaya: This nut-free bar will remind you of lounging on the beach, with its tropical flavor profile. Perfect for summer.
  • Texas Maple Pecan: Reminiscent of your grandma’s best pecan pie, this bar is soft but still has that perfect pecan crunch.
  • Peach Pecan Vanilla: So good it’s guilt inducing, this bar is made with real peaches blended with crunchy nuts and a tinge of vanilla. A healthy dessert!

Did you notice that some bars have Hemp as an ingredient? I will be writing a post about hemp and CBD and how this all fits into our world.

This Seems Like A String of Cheat Days

Yes it does. You can think of it that way, your choice. One thing I will always maintain throughout my journey and my encouragement of your journey is flexibility. You will choose what is best for you. I will not make any claims except that which I can make for myself. Each of my blog posts are open at the bottom and I welcome your comments and questions. One thing I have discovered from Paleo sites, blogs and newsletters is many of those groups are very disciplined and dedicated to perfecting their craft and beliefs. I totally respect what many of them have accomplished and still look them for the latest information. There is just no one giving the practical side of Paleo and I wanted to be that source.

So a cheat day? My thought is, “Thunderbird Real Food” took the time to develop a delicious product that resonates with our Lifestyle so we can enjoy a healthy treat. The protein bar market is huge and Thunderbird filled a need.

Avoid the Sugar High and Crash

Sugar addiction was for me a real issue to deal with when beginning my Paleo Lifestyle. It took about a week to get through the withdrawal. The headaches were very unpleasant. Sugar addiction is in my opinion is a big concern as obesity is a growing and growing, no pun intended, health issue in the US. Sugar is a hidden ingredient in so many foods. We have to read food labels closely. So, it was such a joy to find a protein bar that is Paleo friendly and made with real ingredients that can help avoid added sugar so us 99%er’s can maintain our Paleo Lifestyles with flexibility!

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  1. Hello there,
    Thanks for this truly informative article. Although I have a very good diet I have to admit I had to look up what a Paleo diet was. I have eliminated 90% of sugar from my diet and take much pride in the fact. I once thought my diet was excellent reaching for health bars and boxes of cereal with health photos and advertising which is done with such deceit. I am also aware of companies simply giving sugar an alternative name such as corn flour to cover up its true sugar content.
    Are you able to confirm whether these bars are actually sugar-free? If so they certainly have a place in my diet. Look forward to hearing back from you

    • Paul,

      Thank you for your questions. The bars are not sugar free as they have fruit ingredients. Here is what the descriptions says: LESS IS MORE – Our dried fruits add all the natural sweetness needed with zero added (real or artificial) sugar, agave, syrup or honey. Dairy free, soy free, and grain free. Normally, I stay away from fruit as it is loaded with sugar and creates a sugar High and a fast 30 minute crash. I consume these bars if my sugar gets too low, an issue I have. They are balanced with so. many other good things that the small amount of dried fruit gives a sweetness without the high and low. I do not use them as a meal substitute. And, compared to other Paleo friendly bars, they taste good. I am about flexibility, and when I am not in my kitchen and need to raise my sugar, these are the perfect choice.

      Hope that helps.

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