Paleo Recipes for Beginners – How Do I Get Started?

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Without a doubt Paleo food is divine! In fact once you start cooking Paleo you will struggle to ever go back to an ordinary recipe again. Yes, it is divine, and it is a struggle.

Paleo Recipes for Beginners

What I discovered is that there are recipes all over the place. There are blogs, newsletters, email distributions lists, recipes books and internet searches will bring recipes right to your desktop. OK, what about beginners? Well, the truth of the matter is, Paleo is so basic that no matter the level of your cooking skill or your level of enjoyment, you can prepare Paleo. Eggs and bacon for breakfast, salad for lunch, a juicy grass-fed steak and fresh vegetables for dinner. How hard is that? Not hard at all, until you hit the wall of boredom. Now What? That is when I began to really look at recipes and realized that Paleo did not have to be boring. There are marvelous recipes for the food we are used to eating and yes even desserts that use Paleo friendly ingredients. Now a whole new world has been opened up.

Paleo Friendly Dessert!

I also located many companies that produce Paleo friendly products that are wonderful tasting and can shorten the preparation time while still giving the taste sensation. I have found and made wonderful Paleo chili, waffles, sausage and gravy, chicken fried steak, turkey stuffing, and chocolate chip cookies to name a few. Paleo recipes for beginners? If you can cook at all you can eat Paleo.

OK, What if I Can’t Cook?

Or, you just don’t like to. The “I don’t like to cook” is the category I fall into. So, the easier the better. There are Paleo meal delivery services out there, which, I will review in a subsequent post. Please pay attention to this upcoming post. I have tried many of them. They are pricey and most of them taste like C—-P. I recently saw a post which listed the 10 best and their number 1 was the one I would have listed as the worst.

Paleo Friendly Mayo

So, the easier the recipe the better. One thing about recipes, they are all over the map. My mother in her day was a wonderful cook. She sort of followed a recipe, but liked to put her own spin on it. A little of this and a little of that. She was especially skillful with adding just the right spices to liven up any recipe, even a store bought product. Most spices are Paleo friendly so spice away! Most condiments are not. Mayonnaise is in the dairy category, but you can buy Paleo friendly mayo, mustard is, ketchup has too much sugar, but once again you can buy Paleo friendly either online or from Whole Foods or Sprouts Markets. Use a high grade of sea salt and don’t be afraid to salt away. One of my joys was to discover salt again. Sea salt is the key. And, of course spices and condiments you use should be organic. Most products  purchased will be marked Paleo or Paleo friendly.

Myths Busted!

Ever heard that LARD is bad for you? Yes, you have! You do not have to fear it. Ever thought of using bacon grease to fry eggs in? Oh no! Nothing to fear here. In fact, so many of the foods that we have been told are bad for us are not. Did you hear recently that the USDA food pyramid has made Americans fatter since it was placed into existence in the early 1980’s? Why? because it emphasized a diet high in grains. Did the cavemen grow fields of wheat? No! Grains are not Paleo friendly. Ever heard of Celiac disease? People who are sensitive to Gluten suffer from this ailment. Gluten is a component of wheat products. I am not sensitive to Gluten, but since wheat products, bread in general, are not Paleo friendly, I just naturally stay away from consuming it. I can feel a marked difference. Most noticeably is a reduction in intestinal gas.

Can We Get Some Recipes Please?

Yum Paleo Beef Recipe

Yes, we can. In fact, here is a link to Yum Paleo a site dedicated to the Paleo lifestyle complete with recipes! I like that they refer to their recipes and to Paleo as real food. Check them out, sign up for the newsletter and experiment with their yummy recipes. Consider membership.

My SoapBox

I want to address the 800 lb Cavemen in the room; the big challenge I faced while sticking with Paleo after my 30 days and the challenge most of you will likely face. With all due respect to the very dedicated Paleo folks out there, those that stick to Paleo right down the line, they are the 1%’er’s. I am a 99%er. My goal was to offer a way for the rest of us to follow a Paleo lifestyle to the best of our ability and know that it will be frustrating, your cheat days will increase and you may even give up altogether. I went through all three. What I did discover for myself was, this Paleo Lifestyle not only made the most sense, but it worked for me. It also busted wide open so many of the “diet” myths we had been told. This was good, that was bad and so on. It is not a fad, this way of eating has been around for literally millions of years. Lots of time testing there!

So for the 99%er’s of which I am a card-carrying member, a Paleo Lifestyle is like any goal or challenge I/we face. Determine first if it is something you want to do. Second, gather information on what it involves. It actually is very easy to understand. Then, decide how it best fits into you life. Go to Yum Paleo start your research there and try some of their recipes. Do the very best you can because, you will look and feel better, this I can assure you. So, as the saying goes, if you take a break for a day or for a while, get back on the bike or the horse or whatever and pick back up. Remember, flexibility is power and Eat to Live not Live to Eat!

Dino Says Go Paleo!!


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