The Best Paleo Breakfast Ideas – Breakfast is Not Boring Anymore

Paleo Friendly Muffins

Learn to Love Breakfast!

I was not a breakfast eater. don’t get me wrong, I understood the importance of the first meal of the day, I just did not like breakfast foods. I did not like eggs except boiled, bacon was ok, fruit was fast but boring and sugary donuts and pastries, well just slap them on my stomach, and muffins good grief!  Along came Paleo, no sugary stuff, ✅, most fruit was out, ✅, eggs good, ✅, bacon good, bread out no ✅. ✅✅✅

Do I have to give up coffee? NO. Remember, I am #Paleoforthe99%. I am about fitting Paleo into your normal life, not the other way around. I have one cup of organic coffee each morning with coconut creamer! OH NO! Dairy!! No, coconuts don’t come from cows, last I checked.Cows and Coconut

So, I knew I was going to get tired of eggs and bacon or eggs and grass-fed hot dogs, so now what? Could there possibly be a Paleo Breakfast Cookbook? With easy, not boring recipes? Because, I can cook, I just don’t enjoy it.

Paleohacks to the Rescue

Paleohacks is one of my first mentors on my quest to move to the Paleo Lifestyle. I found their blogs to be informative and sensible. Yes, they have a cookbook for breakfast called the Paleo Breakfast Bible. Click on the link to buy it!Product Paleo Breakfast Bible

Inside you will find easy to make recipes, with 10 minutes or less of preparation time and….. get past the eggs and bacon boredom. Breakfast is especially important when you adopt the Paleo lifestyle as it will vanquish hunger pangs, decrease cravings, increase your energy and mental clarity. You will find your trips to the snack machine becoming less and less and/or you will be naturally looking to more healthy alternatives.

The Paleo Breakfast Bible contains 101 delicious recipes that make breakfast specifically and eating in general fun again.

Here is a Sample of  What is Inside!

  • Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and sweet potato rosti..
  • Lamb sausage with mashed cauliflower roasted butternut squash…
  • Grilled chicken seaweed rolls…great if you’re in a rush!
  • And what about their special breakfast chili recipe.So tasty you’ll want
    it every morning of the week!
  • And wait ‘til you try the meat lovers’ meatloaf– feeds the whole
    family and keeps your engine humming all day long.
  • AND
  • Cinnamon Apple-crusted Doughnuts…
  • Zesty Lemon Scones…Paleo Breakfast Muffins
  • Apple Bread…
  • BBQ Chicken Egg Muffins…But Jackie I thought we couldn’t have bread, and sugary stuff?

No not the traditional way, but the Paleo Breakfast Bible has found the way to make the yummy foods Paleo Friendly! I love love love the breakfast chili. Of course, I can eat chili anytime.

Paleo for the 99%

You will find some wonderful recipes in this cookbook. You can eat real food and comfort food, notice the reference to meat loaf. My schedule during the week is a little crazy. I still find that eggs and bacon work the best. I also make some of the yummy muffins and serve them throughout the week from time to time when I am in a baking mood. On the weekend, I love to make waffles using real maple syrup,  grass fed butter and coconut milk. Served with crispy uncured bacon Yum!

The Best Paleo Breakfast Ideas

The Paleo Breakfast Bible, fast, easy, fun, nutritious and most of all FUN! Makes sense for this 99%er and it will for you too!! Whether you are on you 20/30 day starting plan or settled in you Paleo stride, the Paleo Breakfast Bible has something to share with you, your family and friends. 


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  1. I always have hard time to find good Paleo recipes for breakfast and considering that I am not very good at cooking, it just sucks for me. However this book seems good and has a lot of recipes which is suitable for people like me. However I think of building muscle with paleo diet and I wonder do these recipes have enough protein rich recipes?

    • These recipes are for the most part protein based with the use of cage free eggs and grass fed meats and uncurled no sugar bacon. The bread like recipes use coconut and almond flour to avoid wheat and gluten. You will find meat loaf and breakfast chili. Also remember, that in being flexible, eat what you want even if it is not traditional breakfast foods, just keep within Paleo guidelines. I love to experiment with the recipes on the weekend, so I can still have waffles!!

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