The Modern Paleo Diet – Are Modern Humans Fit To Eat Like the Caveman?

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Are Modern Human Beings Fit To Go On Paleo Diet Plan?

Can humans of today really go on a diet plan that was followed by cavemen thousands of years ago? This is one concern that is constantly posed upon modern healthy consuming specialists. Yes, there is a sound backup study that modern-day humans can do just that; begin a paleo diet and achieve success.

Our Genetics Have Changed Little, Our Food Choices Suck!

Why? Well, there hasn’t been much modification in the human genome for the last countless years. The only thing that changed that contributed much to our troubles is the fact that we have actually been eating the wrong kinds of foods. The foods that we have been growing on farms and have been consuming might provide benefit however they are in fact gradually giving way to pesticides, GMO foods, fast foods microwaves and other unhealthy and potentially unsafe foods.

The Modern Paleo Diet

Going back to the original question, are the people of today ready for the caveman diet plan? The caveman diet plan or Paleolithic diet is in fact a throwback to exactly what the body is meant to consume. Most of our modern illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart problems and kidney problems are borne out of our ill-advised food options.

The idea of paleo dieting is not in fact going back to how our caveman forefathers really consumed. The concept is to avoid the foods that were never ever consumed during their time. Improved grains, milk, breads and other sweets were unusual during the Paleolithic and the Neolithic ages. That is why it is simply a return to what is healthy for the body and how the body can get a lot or more from the non-toxic foods that are good for the body.

What is going for the modern human is that there is a better understanding of the principle of paleo dieting. This will guarantee that the body is getting the best nutrients that are going to be lost when dairy and other grains are taken off from the diet plan.

The Paleo diet plan is a rational diet plan structure that is suitabled for the modern human. It is not a re-enactment of the food choices of the caveman and how it was prepared at that time. Consuming the foods that the body is developed to eat is the primary concept behind the paleo diet. That makes the modern human equipped and truly fit to go on a paleo diet plan. Image 7 Paleo vegetables 7-14-18

One thing that does seem to plague many people as they progress through the Paleo Lifestyle is variety. My answer to that is always to find a great cookbook and recipes and start preparing some wonderful meals. Here is a terrific cookbook series: The Paleo Cookbook Bundle. This is a collection of digital cookbooks, a 30 day meal plan, restaurant guide, quick start guide and more! Image 6 Paleo Cookbook Bundle

The Paleo Diet Is Not Enough, The Cavemen Were Very Active

The Modern Paleo diet, though, does not exist in a vacuum. It needs to be supplemented with physical activity similar to how the caveman lived. A caveman relied on his strength to hunt, gather, and to fight. He used his strength to get advantage against opponents. That is why the food that he had to be consuming must enable the caveman to expend energy, lower the blood sugar levels and to efficiently use up the energy that he receives from the food that he eats.

Exactly what makes the paleo diet different from any other low-carbohydrate diets is the fact that it is not restricted to counting the calories or counting the carbohydrates. The body is able to cope with the brand-new way of life quickly as long as the human is able to emotionally move the frame of mind from the previous diet to the paleo diet plan.

The paleo diet plan is not a magic bullet that will fix everything. It is a diet program that can help humans make most of their food. It is a guideline of how humans must consume and the type of food that must be eaten.Image 8 7-14-18 Paleo Caveman The Modern Paleo Diet

The caveman diet or Paleolithic diet plan is really a return to what the body is meant to consume. The Paleo diet plan is a sensible diet plan framework that is fit for the modern-day human. That makes the contemporary human equipped and genuinely fit to go on a paleo diet plan.

The Naysayers Out There

Those of you who have been following my posts know that I am all about flexibility. Paleo for the 99% of us who need to fit the Paleo Lifestyle into our lives and not the other way around. You can search around the internet and find those who are very strict in application of the diet and those that say to much red meat etc. I just wrote that our human bodies can adapt to this eating plan very well. We must also remain active to stay fit to maintain health and wellness.

Even the naysayers can find little wrong with eating clean, organic, grass-fed, non-GMO and wild-caught meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables, while avoiding dairy, sugar and carbs. Many people have been able to achieve weight loss goals, have seen reductions in some illness, pain and stress and increases in overall emotional wellbeing.

As always, I say try and see if Paleo works for you and make your own determination. There are plenty of 30 day startup programs and food lists available for you to start your journey with. Some of my other posts offer additional insights you may find useful in your decision making.

What Did We Learn?

Yes, we can handle the Paleo Diet. We humans are are meant to consume this type of diet. This is the way our ancestors ate. Over the millennia there has been so much experimentation with our food supply that it is unrecognizable from even a century ago. How many times has one food been on the no list only to be put back on the yes list a few years later. One thing about Paleo, it is consistent and easy to follow.

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  1. Very interesting article – When we were trying for a baby we followed a strict Paleo diet which was fine at home but could be a bit difficult when we went out for a meal – especially living in Asia.

    These days we don’t deliberately follow a paleo diet but our food does end up fitting into it quite a lot. We eat very fresh, healthy, home made food.

    I totally agree with you about so many food choices being bad for us.

    I will have a look at the cook book because I am always getting stuck for ideas and variety is the our major problem.

    • I can only imagine how Paleo may have been a challenge in Asia. Congrats on that one. I really find some many people such as yourselves who were once on Paleo and may have abandoned it or eat it not so much anymore. Let’s face it, it can be boring. I found, although I don’t like to cook, when I pushed myself to do it using recipes from these great cookbooks I was able to overcome the boring aspect. I also discovered some great prepared meal services and a company called Wellness Bakery thereby discovering all new ways to enjoy Paleo. But, I always remind myself and all who read my posts that flexibility is the key to longterm success. It is okay to get out of the strict box and enjoy a treat from time to time.

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