The Paleo Diet and Hypertension – Can it Help?

Image 10 7-2018 Paleo Diet and Hypertension

Top Health Issues Which The Paleo Diet Might Solve

Sugar and Carb Addiction

The Paleo diet plan is not only good for slimming down. The mechanics of the diet plan can likewise assist individuals in lowering dangers of specific diseases.

The way of choosing the best food groups as eaten by our ancestors might unlock the secret why there are disorders that exist today which are missing in past millennia. Paleo professionals believe that most of the health issues that exist today are connected to the kinds of foods that we eat.

The foods that we consume have plenty of sugar and salts that could cause a great deal of health problems. On my personal Paleo journey, I found that getting off sugar was the single most difficult challenge in moving to the Paleo Lifestyle. Sugar addiction can be for many as difficult as addictions we most often think of when we think of addictions. Salt, as long at it is a excellent grade of Sea Salt, can be a good addition to a healthy Paleo Diet plan. This is the one I use and love.Image 11 Redmond Sea Salt 7-18-18

It is easy to eliminate cookies, cake, pie, candy bars, etc,. the obvious sugary stuff. What about hidden sugars? Become very adept at reading labels. Food manufacturers often add hidden sugars in foods to get you addicted to their products. No, you say. Yes, they do and thankfully they are required to list the ingredients on the label or package. Here is a link to a collection of cookbooks, 30 day meal plans, restaurant guide and much more from my goto company Paleohacks. I started my journey with them and continue to look to them for all things Paleo. Image 6 Paleo Cookbook Bundle

Sugar By Any Other Name

Watch out for sugar by its may names, sucrose, glucose, fructose (fruit sugar), and incidentally, fruit is loaded with sugar. Agave nectar, sounds like bees, must be good right? Wrong, still sugar. Corn syrup, malt syrup, etc all in all there are 54 common names. Americans consume about 15 teaspoons of added sugar EACH DAY.

Do you thing the caveman ate this much sugar, or any at all?

Did the Caveman Have Diabetes?

The removal of sugars and certain grains from our diet plan will help decrease the blood sugar levels. Diabetes victims could get a lot of help from a paleo diet due to the fact that it reduces the sugar absorption. The less sugar implies there would be lower blood sugar levels.

What About the Paleo Diet and Hypertension?

One of the facets of the paleo diet is the non-consumption of processed foods. When the body retains more water the body has a harder time lowering blood pressure. There is a debate whether a paleo diet plan can actually bring hypertension down due to the fact that there is increased cholesterol intake. There are  studies to purport that cholesterol certainly triggers high blood pressure.


One of the problems of the body is its failure to take care of swelling. The increased intake of Omega 3 fatty acids assists the body in battling swelling and indirectly help boosts the immune system.


Acne is among the most surprising health problems that are being resolved by a paleo diet. The increase in Omega 3 fatty acids together with probiotics, anti-oxidants and selenium can assist in controling the swelling and to combat the germs that can cause acne. Acne is not uncommon to human beings as almost 80 percent of us will suffer some degree of acne during our lives.

The Paleo Diet Has Many Advantages

There are lots of health advantages in eating paleo. It is very important that you have the ability to speak with a paleo diet-friendly doctor to offer you the best alternatives and discuss with you the benefits and the mechanics of the paleo diet plan. It is a revolutionary method of slimming down and it might help you in the long run.

Getting rid of some of the foods by sticking to a paleo diet might help people ease some of the risks and finally live a longer and fuller life.

Diabetes sufferers could get a lot of assistance from a paleo diet since it lowers the sugar absorption. There is an argument whether a paleo diet can actually bring high blood pressure down due to the fact that of increased cholesterol consumption, and there is a solid research study to profess that cholesterol undoubtedly triggers high blood pressure.

Acne is one of the most unexpected health problems that are being attended to by a paleo diet. It is crucial that you are able to seek advice from a paleo diet-friendly doctor to give you the finest choices and better explain to you the advantages and the mechanics of the paleo diet.

Did the Caveman Have Any Illness of Disease?Image 10 7-2018 Paleo Diet and Hypertension

We don’t know the answer to that. We can conclude that they probably did not have the same illnesses and diseases as modern humans. The environment and foods are significantly different. Yet, the human body has changed little over the millennia.



The material in this blog post is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please remember to always discuss any lifestyle, diet or exercise changes with your doctor. He/She is the most qualified to determine what is best for you as they know your medical history.

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